The years are short


Twenty minutes of quiet today by the river to help me focus as Steph and I shift our family energy yet again. I listened to Enya by the water, earbuds in, while I sat on the park bench. The breeze was light and the sun shifted in and out of the clouds. The thoughts that came to me on that … [Continue reading]

The end of a quest


Steph and I have been on an epic journey since 2009. For 6 long years, growing our family has been our sole purpose. It's taken every extra ounce of energy and every dollar to create our dream. We lived and breathed babies for so long it was hard to think of anything else. Our story ends in … [Continue reading]

Home Stretch


This is my eighth pregnancy. Sometimes I have to pause and really let that sink in. My first two were back in my late teens, when my body was young … [Continue reading]

More of this….less of that


I'm not a good New Years resolution maker. Count me in with the 88% of people who fail each year. Changing patterns is hard, and abruptly changing … [Continue reading]

How many kids do you have? Let me count…..7!


What a beautiful weekend. I'm sitting here on Sunday night at 9:30pm out on the patio. There's a nip in the air for Florida, which means it's a brisk … [Continue reading]

My short-lived career as a Stay-At-Home-Mom


One year after I left the workforce to stay at home, I've conceded defeat, and have re-entered the workforce. I pretty much sucked at being a … [Continue reading]

Lovely things

This momma is tired. Weeks of getting up at 6am to bring M to the bus stop are wearing on me. Liam not sleeping through the night at 20 freaking … [Continue reading]

Saturday Adventures – #89


I belong to a great twins group with 200 moms who all had their twins (and one set of quads!) within a three month period. Last week, someone posted … [Continue reading]

Camping with twin toddlers – Brilliant or insane idea?


Last weekend, we took our 19 month old twin boys on their first camping trip. Leading up to the weekend, I told lots of friends, who gave me side-eyed … [Continue reading]

Our first foster care placement – 10 lessons learned


Our three foster children were reunified with their mom last Wednesday. This was our first placement after graduating and completing all the … [Continue reading]