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1. Hand me a microphone, and I will sing karaoke ’til the chickens come home to roost. It’s an illness. I can not help myself. Upon occasion, I’ve tried to stop myself from grabbing the mic, but I get cold shivers and break a sweat.

2. My partner Stephanie and I went to high school together at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. She tells me she had a crush on me. I don’t remember this. I also don’t remember the time she duct-taped my locker shut. Apparently I was angry. She was making me late for class. I was a serious student. And I HATE being late. She should have known better. It took me almost 15 years to get over this, and we finally became a couple in 2007.

3. My hobbies are craft beer (drinking it), and martinis (drinking them). What?

4. I’m a bit obsessed with books. I spent much of my childhood up in a tree, reading books. To this day, Steph teases me, because when I get a new book, I gaze at the cover and touch it gently with my hand. I know that’s weird!

5.  I am a master delegator. You can witness this in person if you attend one of my family dinners. I cook my heart out, but once people start showing up, a glass of wine magically suction cups itself to my hand and I start bossing people around.

6. I’d love to be a writer when I grow up. If I couldn’t be a writer, I’d be a rapper (Note, I like to think karaoke rap is a special talent of mine.)

7.  Friends and family are my world. I get kind of hokey when I think about supporting the people that I love. I like to make people feel like they are kings and queens.

8. This is FUN! Can I keep writing about myself? I’m a Leo, by birth and by nature. I’m also an introvert. Introverted Leos are dangerous. We sneak up on you. And sing karaoke in your face, or delegate all kinds of schizznit to you.

9. My dad is my hero. He died when I was 14. He worked his ass off to provide for our family. He was one of  the most hard-working people I’ve ever met in my life. I look forward to seeing him one day, and like to picture him smiling down on me and my little (ok, big) family. Hi dad! (P.S., I still think of you when I listen to Tomita and NPR. I’m sorry I thought NPR was so lame-o.)

10. My mom is my other hero. She is kind, and sensitive, gets teary easily, and shows me her love by making me delicious things to eat. She raised three teenage girls by herself, after my dad died a month before she graduated from med school. She taught me to have hutzpah, and walk to the beat of my own drum.  She is a good soul.

11. I love to entertain and throw parties! I have a bowl and platter for every occasion. I also have a glass for every type of tasty beverage you can imagine.

12. I detest drama. I like things simple, and free of unnecessary complications.  I also find it hard to tolerate negativity. I am a half-glass full kind of gal.

13. There are 5 beings that are most important to me in my world – Stephanie, Ophelia, Dakota, August, and Liam. These are my family. I love them dearly, and without them, I would have no fodder for this blog 😉

Speaking of my family, here we are:


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