Chronicles of a New Blogger – Episode 1

So, it’s been 2 weeks since I plunged into the blogging landscape with my blog Mommy Loves Martinis. I have the name, design, and 2 posts under my belt. I’m annoyingly goal-oriented, so of course, now that I’m 2 weeks in, I want to know the answer to the question – how do I build up my blog to make it successful.

What does success mean to me? Life is sweeter when you have someone to share it with. Quite simply, I want to reach the people I need to reach. I have a joyous life, but I’ve also been through a lot. Maybe my authenticity and my experiences can help others. I am a helper by nature! I even went so far as to get my Masters in Social Work. I don’t do that anymore, but the desire to help lift people up will never go away for me. I really, really mean that.

I’m not special. But, I do believe that it’s in connecting with other people and their stories that we can try to combat this pervasive loneliness that just seems to be everywhere.

So, as I go about the business of blogging my passions (new-again mommyhood, building community, Special Needs, Down syndrome, current events), I also want to lay out what I’m doing to try to build a reach for my blog. I can’t really fail, because in the end, if I reach one person, I can smile. I mean it. But, I won’t lie. If I can reach more, then I’ll smile bigger. That’s a blogger’s dream. It’s why we do this online journal thing.

Inspiration is one thing, but I’m a practical gal, so in these posts, I’ll try to get specific about the activities I’m doing. Some of them might be ridiculous, wrong, or otherwise misguided. Others may be brilliant 🙂 I have no idea – I’m just following my instincts, and trying to learn from others who have gone the path before me.

So, for today –  here are my activities.

1. I happen to be a “her”. So, I registered for and filled out a profile. Filling out profiles is boo-hoo irritating. How the hell do you sum up who you are and what you stand for in a short, succinct, savvy paragraph? Just do it. I created a document on Google Docs that has marketing blurbs. So far I have a short, uninspired one, and a shorter, even more uninspired one. It can only get better, folks.

2. Read an article about the top social media conferences. To me, social media and blogging go hand in hand like tofu and braggs. Like Hair Bands and Aqua Net. Like babies and squishy cheeks.  Seriously, WTF? How do I even choose? Looking at doing something that’s not even on the list – the BlogHer conference in the fair windy city of Chicago. Also interested in the Content Marketing conference. I’m currently in B2B marketing, and that’s the schizznit that works these days. Banner ads are out, content is king. I need to learn this crap, pronto.

3. Found this article about milking Twitter for all it’s worth:  HOLY CRAP. Lots of fancy tools. I chose one that looked fun (umm, who doesn’t want to know their social influence?) and signed up. I chose #WeFollow (Do these pound hashtag thingamajiggies work outside of the twitterverse? Help??)

4. Looked at my Google Analytics. Hey, it’s been a month. And, it’s addicting to study that stuff! I’ve been live for 2 weeks. I’ve had  620 unique visitors and  1168 page views. Sounds cool to me! And, I forgot to enable the google analyticator widget thingie until AFTER I published my first post. Sigh. It’ll have to be close enough. I’ve done a decent job of building up a social media presence on Facebook, so that’s where the bulk of my Sunday drive traffic comes from. Yay, Facebook friends. You rock!

5. Twitter. Twittered at the software testing conference I’m working this week. It’s not really my personal niche, but I need to practice this crap! I’m up to 103 followers! And, they didn’t leave in droves when I started tweeting software testing gems. I have a loyal Twitter following! 😉

6. Started using Tout -a video app similar to Instagram where you can upload videos directly to Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Ummm, Vine is too restricting for my marketing purposes. 6 seconds makes me think of an auctioneer. Maybe I’ll find uses for it later. Today, I used Tout for the first time. 15 seconds, baby! I posted my first video. It was an inspired take at our conference booth. You can watch it here. Don’t judge. It only goes up from here!

7. That’s all I got!

Looking forward to documenting my blog-building activities in upcoming posts. I’m so passionate about using the social landscape to connect with each other and build community. Maybe this stuff can help other newbies! And, if you’re an experience blogger, I’m happy to be the benefactor of your tips!

5 thoughts on “Chronicles of a New Blogger – Episode 1

  1. Stu Avery

    I love your new blog, Heather! In future writings, I hope you’ll share how you manage to find time (let alone energy) to do all that you do + be able to document the lives of all your beautiful children through photos and write about your entire experience as a human! I feel like I’ve accomplished something big when both of my kids are fed and their hair doesn’t look like they were just awoken during a fire drill when they get in the car. Looking forward to reading more from you. Love from Colorado, Stu.

    1. hbuckman Post author

      Thank you Stu! My guys are little now – I’m betting that when they get older, it’ll be harder for me to find time. Can’t wait to see you and your family!

  2. M

    Congrats to your new blog once again!
    Google analytics or WP’s own visitor analytics rocks! I personally love all the searchwords
    that have been used by readers to find our blog… Like “lesbian boobs” 😀 (not gonna be any boob pics on our blog!).

    Also some Japanese fans (at the beginning) were searching the latest editions of Moomin mugs ( from our blog, b/c Finnish word “muumimuki” is a slang word for the way leabians “make babies from the mugs” (= using fres donor sperm). And Moomin mugs, cause lots of lesbians love those and the creator/drawer (writer and painter) of the original Moomin comics/storybooks, Tove Jansson was in a relationship with a woman an one of the first out lesbians in Finland who was invited with her partner to the President’s Independence Day Gala in 1992. (It was nearly a scandal back then that she attended there with her partner of 40 years…).

    But it seems that after the start, we do have actual readers from Japan and since August 2012 over 27 000 page viewe from 50+ countries (like Colombia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, New Zealand and South Africa… since we write in Finnish & English)!

  3. M L-M

    Such useful information! Another H2 question: did you buy your domain name, or use a free hosting site? What were the deciding factors for you? Now that you’ve had the blog for a while, do you think you made the right ‘hosting’ call?

    🙂 m l-m.

    1. hbuckman Post author

      Hey Megan! I bought the domain name from godaddy and then use hosting through 1and1 internet. I’ve had no problems at all and love the freedom I have to do what I want with the site. Are you thinking about starting a blog? YOU SHOULD!!!


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