Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life

Today is Steph’s birthday – she turns 41. I love this woman! She gets more accomplished in one day than I do in an entire year. So, it’s very smart of me to keep her around.

Someone as amazing as Steph deserves a motto. I should get this on a t-shirt for her 41st birthday present:



If you know Steph, you know that she loves to “knock stuff out”. In her world, you just have to get it done. No time for tomfoolery. Except, somehow she does have time for tomfoolery and lightheartedness. She knocks that out, too! Whodahell is this woman?

Steph is a super-star. At risk of sounding like I’m bragging about my “great catch”, I try not to talk too much about how amazing she is. But today, I’m going to brag.

Here’s what I love about her, in no particular order of importance.


She literally has a Ph.D. in microbiology. Who da eff has a Ph.D in that except for people like Stephen Hawking? Ok, I know his is in Physics, but same sentiment. Her dissertation was about the ebola virus. {Or is it e.bola? She worked with lots of the stuff, so is it eboli?} She was even dropped into Africa to extract service-men who had contracted ebola. I hope that info has become declassified. If it hasn’t, then I’m in trouble.


She is super musical. She can sit down at the piano and play Rachmaninoff. Ok, that might be a stretch these days, now that she’s out of practice. But, she can still play you the song she wrote for her high school graduating class. She sings. She loves music!

She is super sporty, and has played just about every sport known to humankind. Including golf, which I’m happy to say she deemed “boring”. Except she did mention something about the “drink cart” that rolls around and shows up magically at just the right time with your fresh tasty beverage. She liked that. She went to college on a combined academic and rowing scholarship. Which apparently meant that she’d get up at 4am to run – oh say, a 5k, ON THE WAY TO THE DANG BOAT  {or canoe, ship, kayak. whatever they call those rowie type things)

She is geeky. We’ve already discussed her brilliance, which I could go on about ad nauseum. She knows a lot about a lot of stuff. Especially science. She uses words like viremia in every day conversation. I’m not kidding! It has something to do with your body’s susceptability Never mind. I can’t even spell it.

She has more hobbies than God. Gardening. Restoring old cars. Learning the ukulele for the boys. Making jewelry. Craft beer brewing. The list could go on and on. Right now, she’s been tinkering with her new 1966 Suburban. Last weekend she was working on installing the carpet herself. Gah!

Note Liam sitting sweetly in the backseat helping his mommy.

Note Liam sitting sweetly in the backseat helping his mommy.


But, here’s the thing. These days, Steph doesn’t have much time for sports, or music, or to toss around lofty words. She’s too busy taking care of the people she loves.

Like her mom, who depends on Steph to be there for her.


Like the boys, who she dotes on and smothers with kisses on a regular basis. I wish everyone could see her with her boys. She delights in them and they bring her so much joy!


Like me. She spoils me rotten.

We clean up pretty nicely, right?

We clean up pretty nicely, right?


I come up with a million projects and ideas that I pass off for her to implement. Like how I decided that I wanted a lime green border for the boys converted chalkboard-fireplace. She went and got the wood and got lime green paint that I turned my nose up at. {Seriously, it was avocado – NOT lime green.} So yesterday, we got proper lime green paint, and there she was – out in the yard, painting away. This is just one of the millions of examples of things she does on a regular basis because she loves me.

Mostly, I wanted to post this today, because I don’t think she realizes how in love with her I am. She’s pulled in a million directions right now, and is a bit tired from all the care-taking she’s been doing, so I want to remind her that she is an extraordinary woman. She is amazing, beautiful, full of life, super-interesting, brilliant, funny, caring and creative. I am so lucky to be on this journey with her – co-creating a rich, happy, messy, full-to-overflowing life.






10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life

  1. Candice

    Beautifully written, Heather!! I enjoyed reading this. She is a wonderful friend and colleague and I feel blessed to know her and you!

  2. Egg Timer

    Awww what a lovely post about your partner in life. And you guys make such a cute couple. Wish Stephanie a happy birthday from ICLW. So happy you have found each other.


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