Lovely things

This momma is tired.

Weeks of getting up at 6am to bring M to the bus stop are wearing on me.

Liam not sleeping through the night at 20 freaking months old is wearing on me.

Continuously trying to prevent two sweet toddlers from inadvertently killing themselves is wearing on me.

So, today, when my daughter came to watch the boys, I decided not to work, and instead got into the car and drove to a place where I could be surrounded by lovely things…Anthropologie.

I know you’re not supposed to shop as entertainment, and we are constantly trying to money diet because we’re on one income, and I know consumerism is the root of everything evil, and blah blah blah. But, frankly, I didn’t care. I took the debit card that you get paid on when you’re a foster parent and went and bought lovely things. The foster children bought me lovely frivolous things.

Sweet Perfume

A 1920’s headband

My favorite candle

And, for good measure, a gorgeous sundress.

I was even going to take myself out to a private lunch and drink the most expensive glass of white wine I could find. Instead, I was tentatively ready to re-enter the world, and I texted Steph.

“Want me to pick you up for lunch?”

“Yes!” she answered – ready to get me as far away from the stores as she could.

So we went somewhere close to the house and I drank the most expensive glass of white wine on the menu, picked at a salad, and popped hot french fries in my mouth.

Sometimes, you just need peace. Sometimes, you need to be able to pick up a bottle of perfume – carefully smell it, slowly absorb the words on the box, feel the weight of the bottle in your hand. All, without being in a rush.

Today was one of those days. The moral of the story is that playing hooky every once in a while fills you back up. We should all do it more often.

One thought on “Lovely things

  1. mary lou birnbaum

    you have to let yourself have a sanity break in order to be the best mom to your kids and in order to recharge your battery you have to do self care as moms we are the worlds worst at doing that until we drain the well at when there is nothing left to draw from then we have nothing left to give to the little people and then we aren’t happy with them and then we aren’t happy with our selves and we have to go for a refill so we can keep our sanity. I used to go sit in the sanctuary of my church at OUMC and sit with my back leaning against the altar sitting on the little rug on the floor in front of the altar and just lean on the altar when the sanctuary was empty and talk to God and stare out at all the stain glass windows and usually take a nap and always felt like I had been held in Gods lap but it was comforting and was what I needed to keep me sane. You do what you need to keep you going thats what makes you a good mom!


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