My night in ten pictures

An hour ago I posted a beautiful thing about how God fills the hearts of his homies with extra chromies with an extra dose of love and hugs. It was so feel-good and I teared up and thought “how did I get so lucky???” And then poop happened.

Here’s my night in ten succinct pictures.

1. Before the storm. My “God gives special children to special parents” picture.


2. Here’s Aug, eating his black beans and rice.  I came back in the room and there he was, posing nude while eating. I snapped a pic, and thought of my caption. “I always eat my black beans and rice in the nude – don’t you?” And then I walked away , laughing, to post it.


3. That’s when it started. The mayhem. August had pooped. All over his chair. Smashing it with his bottom and feet, and then hopping down off his chair, traipsing across the floor yelling like a madman. It was everywhere. I walked in, scooped him up and deposited him in the tub to assess the damage. I called H in to clean the floor – she has a stomach virus so I couldn’t ask her to clean the poop chair. I thought about it, though. She’s already throwing up, right?


4. At this point, I wasn’t sure what was black beans and rice and what was poop. Anything black on him was suspect.


5. Here is where I was reminded of August’s extra does of hugs that was scooped into his heart by God.



6. My other children, fending for themselves whilst August is defumigated. They’re in the background. Think of it as a painting. It’s really a great composition here.


7. Wine break in the middle of everything. Totally. Because poop. And because it doesn’t take long to guzzle a few sips of wine, but it does take a long time to eat. Who has time to eat? Also, I had lost my appetite.



8. Aug is squeaky clean and is as good as new – rocking that extra chromosome like nobody’s business. Pay no attention to the Al Bundy hand down his pants. Sigh. I have a humper, folks. Fun times.


9. Now the Aug has been defumigated, all the other urchins are bathed. Don’t worry, I totally sterilized the bathtub before putting in the other kids. This moment captures the second before Jude pushed Luca backwards into the water. I had to throw the phone down and rescue him to be a responsible mother.



10. Ok, I lied. I didn’t clean the tub before washing the other babies. Who has time for that? I’m the “good enough” mom. Here’s Jude. He looks betrayed. Sorry my sweet boy. Tomorrow’s another cleaner, calmer, and hopefully poop-less day.


Night y’all!


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