Chronicles of a New Blogger – Episode 2

Ok, installment 2 of “Operation Blog Start-Up”, wherein I chronicle my actions to try to grow and ignite a new blog. {Envision mad scientist woman here}

I’m almost one month into my new blog, Mommy Loves Martinis. Somehow in-between working and taking care of les enfants, I managed to spend a good 7 hours or so on bloggish-type research. I may or may not be enjoying doing my research nightly with a glass(es) of red wine in hand. Red wine makes everything better. So do martinis, but I’ve had to cut back on those lately. Sigh.

Anyhow, I started my week by stumbling across an article called “30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post” – a cool infographic that was packed with great ideas to do for each blog post you publish. It’s ahh-mazing! Between that post, and some sleuthing around on my own, here’s a list of some of the things I did this week to try to ignite this schizznit:

1. Added my posts to bookmarking sites Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg. Seemed to have some success with Reddit – I have had 28 visits from Reddit, with an average page view time of over a minute, so sounds legit! I don’t really use bookmarking sites, but apparently a bazillion people do. I need to figure this thing out and understand it. It’s kind of like when I didn’t use Twitter and deemed it “stupid”. I’m such a block-head sometimes. Sigh.

2. Came across the most amazing website in the world – – which allows you to quickly aggregate and publish curated content from across the web to your subscribers. Uhh. I have no subscribers yet, but I quickly made a newsletter called “Newbie Blogger”. 🙂 Need to refine where the sources are pulled from, because there may be some crap on there about barbeque! Needs tweaking, what can I say. But seriously, what an amazingly cool thing to be able to publish your own magazine/newsletter to distribute as content to your followers. I also am going to start one for Down syndrome. Not sure what the slant is going to be – but I’m thinking it will be to document inspiring stories about individuals with Down syndrome. That way, if someone has a new diagnosis for their baby, or is struggling, they can read lots of uplifting stories to have hope. 🙂 This ties in with my master plan to fund-raise for Down syndrome research – but that’s another post.

3. Did a little research on getting my posts syndicated, and on writing fresh posts for other sites. Places like Huffington Post and Babble only accept original content that hasn’t been published before. There are other places that will accept work that has already been published – syndicated content. I’m thinking that’s the way for me to go right now while I’m working full-time, taking care of munchkins and trying to grow a blog. Not sure I have the energy to write for other publications right now, on top of everything I’m doing.

4. Spent some times getting to know my new best friend, Google Analytics. Dude, setting up widgets on there to view different metrics is not as intuitive as I thought it would be (or maybe it’s me!) But, I did set up to see simple stuff like unique viewers – (1033 so far!) and total page views (2330). You can get sucked into the data!

4. Purchased my ticket to the 2013 BlogHer conference coming up on my 40th birthday weekend in Chicago. How nice of BlogHer to be celebrating my birthday that way! Steph is going to stay home with the boys and send me off to the windy city to learn and soak in as much as I can. SO EXCITED!!!

That’s all I’ve got this week! So excited about this journey and continuing to research, explore and try new things.

As always, if you have tips or info you want to share, please do!





3 thoughts on “Chronicles of a New Blogger – Episode 2

  1. Arete Aspirations

    Very cool! One day I hope to have my very own URL and host a blog legit…. you know,… one day! 😀 I am glad that you are so capable of doing so much!

    I will be looking around your blog for more tips and tricks for that one day of my own


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