On turning 40 – A video for my future self

I’m sitting here in a hotel room in Chicago on my last night being a 30-something. Tomorrow, I’ll be 40. I’ll be honest, it kind of makes me choked up. But in a good way. Here’s me, looking not a day over 39  after a visit to the fake nail and eyelash booth at the expo.


JIMENY, that is one giant picture of my face and I certainly did NOT airbrush any blemish or pore.


From now on, when I worry about what other people think or being judged, I’ll just remind myself, “Hey! You’re in your 40’s. You’re not supposed to worry about other people’s opinions! Fuck off!”

When I worry about my derriere being an inch closer to the ground, I’ll just think “Hey, Heather! You’re a 40-something! It’s ok for your body to change, and soften. It gets tiresome being so hot all the time. It’s time to live on the down-low, out of the spotlight.”

When I worry about not being able to take the fabulous European vacation because I up and quit my career at age 39, I’ll remind myself “Hey, woman, you’ve had times in your life where you’ve been fortunate and times when you’ve had nothing at all. Stuff will come and go. It’s your family that counts.”

So, I took the liberty of recording a very rough video for my future self. I figured a video  – taken at the end of a long day, with red eyes and frizzy hair – was a good way to capture myself as I entered my 40’s.

Here’s my little video. Happy 40’s to me!

PS. WTF YouTube. It’s like you demonically look for the most unattractive still to showcase. Whatev. I’m (almost) 40 now. Whodahell cares!


7 thoughts on “On turning 40 – A video for my future self

  1. Steph Shaar

    You are very cute and gorgeous sitting there in your VERY EXPENSIVE hotel room talking to your….phone….or computer…or whatever, with all of your precious dimples. You do influence many by how you live and how you act. You draw people in rather than push them away. You make people think about what they are doing and why they do it, not guilty for what they are doing because of what they don’t know. You help them to know – in a very non threatening way – not by stuffing it down their throats. Although you may not get instant gratification from witnessing immediate change – or reaction as it really is in many cases (i.e. aforementioned “throat stuffing”) from your actions, I truly believe that your style of influence, which is based on respect and admiration, rather than shock n awe, has a more far reaching, long standing effect. Or affect. Whatever. (Edit that proper wouldya? I know science, not english. Or is it Anglish?) And about your cheek creases…..those are there for a reason – so that Lion and I know exactly where on your face to gnaw!!!! You will be totally impressed by the improved quality of a Lion and Hoppa kiss since you’ve been gone.

    I love you just the way you are. So does e’rybody else yo. Happy 40th love of my life! Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will realize they were the big things. 🙂 Now check out of that expensive ass Chicagoland hotel room and come the heck home!!!!

    1. hbuckman Post author

      Please note. The response above was part of a paid endorsement campaign by Heather Buckman & Co. Views, opinions, and high regards were taken straight from HB&C scripting, and in no way do they represent the opinion of the poster Steph Shaar 😉 Love you, honey! xoxoxo

  2. Candice Flinter-Moreau

    Happy Birthday, Pretty Woman! You are fabulous just the way you are….39…40..whatever. You and your partner are the real deal. I love reading your blogs…your heartfelt posts..that make me laugh and make me misty-eyed because you really live, Heather. It is inspirational to watch someone pursue their passion. Kudos to you birthday gal and hugs.

    1. hbuckman Post author

      Thanks so much, Candice! You are very special to us – one of the people in our lives that make us smile. xoxox

  3. Cindy Powell

    Happy birthday to you! You will find your 40’s to be fabulous…

    It was nice to meet you at lunch on Saturday at BlogHer13. I look forward to keeping up with you and your family!


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