Saturday Adventures – #89

I belong to a great twins group with 200 moms who all had their twins (and one set of quads!) within a three month period. Last week, someone posted this quote:


Holy stop that. 940 is finite. Not only is it finite, but we’re about 100 Saturdays into it! Quick – pack the fun in!

When this was posted in my group, a mom responded and said they wished they had started keeping a “Saturday book” of all the fun stuff they did to give to their children when they’re older. What a great idea! I just finished reading the book The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin, and in it she talks about how we experience happiness with an event  in three ways – anticipating it, experiencing it, and remembering it.

Anyone who knows me knows that my memory is suspect, which is a big part of the reason why I chronicle things here in this blog. So that I have written and pictorial evidence of being a decent mother when the children get older and forsake me.

Anywhoo, here are our shenanigans for this past Saturday – #89/940

This weekend, we started things out by hosting a combined birthday party for our previous foster children, Z, T and B. They’re back home now with their mom, but we wanted to help them celebrate. All of their birthdays are in May, so this Saturday was the day!


I know presents aren’t everything, but I was really excited to see all the stuff for them! We went super easy and got pizza from Little Caesars ($5 pizza – holla!), and then did kid-friendly snack stuff (applesauce, graham crackers, juice boxes, cookies)

{PS. I spy a baby in the pic above that isn’t my own! These high chairs have held so many babies!  A friend of mine from Boston was visiting with her two sons this week. That’s Baby E up there. Hi, Baby E!}


Three little bugs to blow out candles!



Happy Birthday B, T and Z!


Love that smile!


We had a great turn-out, the kids played in the bounce house, and the adults got to drink lots of yummy wine and beer at an unreasonable hour. I know there are two mindsets about alcohol at kid’s parties.  I’m of the “fill ‘er up” mindset myself. The kids are even more charming! 😉

The party was a huge success and lasted til about 3. The boys were exhausted and took a nap while we tried to straighten the house, which basically consisted of me propping my foot up and staring at the mess in the house. My foot is totally a subject for another post that I’ll never write, so suffice it to say that I had a surgical procedure to remove a monstrous horned callous on my big toe. I kid you not. One of the joyous aftermaths of pregnancy!


My foot, resplendent.

I was about done for the day, but Stephanie had other plans. “Hey!” “Today’s the Springfield Cruise-in. I think we should go!” I looked at her like she was insane, but it’s hard to deny her stuff like that, so after the boys got up from their naps, we gathered our stuff and headed out the door.

The Springfield Cruise-in happens once a month, and basically it’s a bunch of classic cars that cruise up and down Main Street. You get to ogle all the cool cars AND you get to people watch. It’s a lot of fun! And free!


Liam in his pimp ride.

On the way there, we had to take a detour down one of the residential streets. A gang of lovely ladies suddenly ambushed our old ’66 Suburban (aka “Lurch”) and told us they HAD to take selfies with the car in the background.

“HOLD UP Ladiez!”, I yelled. “I’m gonna take a picture of you taking your selfies.” Which I did.







Pleased with themselves.

We stayed at the Cruise-in until about 8pm, which is about the time we usually put the boys to bed. Thankfully, they’re pretty flexible about getting off their routine. Because of that, Steph and I haven’t really had much of a lifestyle change since the boys got here. We just bring them along to all the places we used to go alone!

Because the boys were still chipper, we ended the day with thai food at a new Thai restaurant we’ve been wanting to try. That makes twice that we had Thai this week, which couldn’t make me happier! The boys love Thai Fried Rice with Tofu. Yum! I always get something super spicy, so it’s up to Steph to share with the boys. Taking one for the team. 🙂


August is looking a little pie-eyed.

At this point, it was 10pm, so we had to end our day and head back home.

Saturday #89 was awesome! Something nice for other people, something fun for ourselves, and yummy food that I didn’t have to make or clean up after!

Can’t wait til next Saturday!

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  1. Steph Fender

    Loved this post! A great friend/colleague of mine (Julie) once said “they only have one childhood”. I remind myself of this everyday.


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