The years are short

Twenty minutes of quiet today by the river to help me focus as Steph and I shift our family energy yet again. I listened to Enya by the water, earbuds in, while I sat on the park bench. The breeze was light and the sun shifted in and out of the clouds.


The thoughts that came to me on that bench…


“Let that which is unimportant fall away.

“Slow down.”

I’m so keenly aware of how quickly time moves. The big boys are about to turn 4. The little boys are 8 months old. I swear I was 34 yesterday, and suddenly I’m 43 and Steph is 44. Our prime isn’t sometime in the future – it’s right here, right now. Our big family that we hoped to create – we created it. It’s time to truly sink in and enjoy it even more than we have been already

I read something several years ago that keeps coming into my mind over the past few weeks, as we think about the shifting that needs to happen in our family. “The days are long, but the years are short.” I am so grateful for these years with the boys, where we are their whole world. What a treasure….



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